Alphonso Mango 500G

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The Alphonso mango, popularly known in Western India as ‘Hapus’, is often given the epithet ‘The King of Mangoes.  However, not many know that this delicious variety of mango was created,so that it could be ‘cut and served’ on the table. The Alphonso mango was named after the Portuguese Viceroy, Alfonso de Albuquerque, who conquered Goa and laid the foundations of the Portuguese Empire in Asia. Mango, botanically known as ‘Magnifera Indica’is a fruit that is native to India and whose history goes back several millennia.



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While there are references to mangoes in the Upanishads, Mauryan inscriptions and Mughal chronicles, the Alphonso mango as a variety emerged only with the arrival of the Portuguese in the 15th century. Its creation was a part of the ‘Colombian Food Exchange, through which new varieties of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, red chilies, maize etc. were introduced across the world.


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