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Snake gourd is a vine plant that climbs up a tree and then unfurls its flowers and fruits to hang down to the ground. Some of the largest specimens can grow up to five feet in length, which is why this gourd is often used to make the traditional Australian musical instrument, the didgeridoo. This plant is native to Southeast Asia, including Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other neighboring countries, as well as some parts of Australia and Africa. It may not be a type of vegetable that is well-known around the world, but certain cultures have been utilizing this unique food variety for hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of years. The taste is bitter, but this often disappears when cooking, although once the vegetable is ripe, the bitterness is more difficult to eliminate. The leaves, tendrils, and other leafy parts of the plant are often used as vegetable greens, while the fleshy meat often replaces tomatoes in terms of culinary applications. It is strange in appearance, name, and taste, but its health benefits cannot be denied. Let‘s take a closer look at what specifically makes snake gourd such an important dietary staple in so many cultures around the world.

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1. Reduces Fever

2. Detoxifies the Body

3. Treats Digestive Issues

4. Improves Respiratory System

5. Hair Care

6. Boosts Immune System

7. Manages Diabetes

8. Relieves Stress


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