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Potato is the most important food crop in the world. It belongs to the Solanaceae or nightshade family. Its botanical name is Solanum tuberosum. Sweet Potatoes are different from Potatoes, even if they have some similarities also. Sweet Potatoes comes in various colors like cream, yellow, orange, pink and purple. On the other side, normal potatoes have a white or yellow skin and flesh, red skin and flesh, or russet skin and flesh. It is fourth most important food crop in the world after rice, maize, and wheat. So many varieties of potatoes are available in a world, but each varies in a shape, size, color, flavor and nutritional content. Potato is also called as Tuber. In the late 1880s, the potato is valuable as gold because of vitamin C content. White potato becomes the first crop which is grown in the outer space. This was a joint project done by NASA and University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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1. Maintains Bone Health

2. Lowers Blood Pressure

3. Prevent Cancer

4. Boosts Immunity

5. Improves Digestion


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