Orange-Mosambi 500G

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Sweet lime, also known as ‘Mosambi’, is grown in Northeast hills of India and is mostly available between July and August. During summers, it is hard to avoid a cup of pale yellow drink sold by the street vendors called ‘Mosambi Juice’. The juice is a hot favorite in India which is consumed not only for its taste but also for an array of health benefits it offers.

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The rich source of potassium and vitamin C offers medicinal benefits and has a coolant effect on the body. Unlike lemon, the juice of mosambi is not sour and it tastes awesome when sweet. The juice is also used for preparing a variety of dishes. Benefits worth mentioning are; the treatment towards sun strokes, dehydration, motion sickness and gout. This refreshing drink is energizing and good for improvement of joint health. It offers a variety of beauty benefits as well.


  •    Rich in Flavonoids
  •    Fights Scurvy
  •   Prevents Dehydration
  •    Rich in Vitamin C
  •   Fights Arthritis
  •    Reduces Weight
  •   Helps in Pregnancy
  •   Treats Jaundice
  •   Treats Indigestion
  • .Fights Cancer
  •  Protects Hair


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