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Tomato is technically considered a fruit but is generally lumped into the category of vegetables as a practice. Tomatoes form an integral part of cuisines across the globe, especially in the Mediterranean region. Daily consumption of tomatoes provides a great boost to health, along with improving the flavor of food. You can find them in different foods like pasta, pizzas, ketchup, and various beverages. They are relatively easy to cultivate and grow very quickly, making them a great food source, which is a big reason why tomatoes are a staple food for many nations.

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1. Antioxidant Agent

2. Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals

3. Protect the Heart

4. Counter the Effect of Smoking Cigarettes

5. Improve Vision

6. Aid in Digestion

7. Lower Hypertension

8. Manage Diabetes

9. Skin Care

10. Prevent Gallstones


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