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The banana tree is the ideal to look up to when it comes to a ‗no wastage‘ policy! Almost all parts of the banana tree can be used. The most obvious is the fruit—bananas that we eat almost daily. But, other parts of the tree also offer many health benefits! Both the South Asians and Southeast Asians use banana flowers as a vegetable. They use it either raw or steamed with dips. They also use those in soups, curries and fried foods. The flavor resembles that of artichoke. Like artichokes, both the fleshy part of the bracts and the heart are edible.

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Nutritional Value Of Banana Flower

As per the African Journal of Biotechnology, 100g of banana flower offers the below mentioned nutrition:

 51 kcal

 1.6g of Protein

 0.6g of Fat

 9.9g Carb

 5.7fgof Fiber

 56mg of Calcium

 73.3mg of Phosphorous

 56.4mg of Iron

 13mg of Copper

 553.3 mg of Potassium

 48.7mg of Magnesium

 1.07mg of Vitamin E

Benefits Of Banana Flowers

Banana flowers are called banana hearts for a reason! These flowers are pretty, but you should not dismiss them as merely decorative elements. Tey have a host of health benefits too!

Some of the health benefits of banana flowers are:
 1. Wards Off Infections

 2. Reduces Free Radical Activity

 3. Reduces Menstrual Bleeding

 4. Manages Diabetes And Anemia

 5. Rich Source Of Vitamins And Minerals

 6. Boosts Mood And Reduces Anxiety

 7. Helps Nursing Mothers


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